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    Brake Repair And Services

    Brake system is the most essential component of every vehicle for the continued safety on the road.

    If you notice brakes are not performing well including such signs like sticky brake pedal, noisy brakes, swerving when braking, vibration when braking, brake warning Light, spongy brake pedals etc. never wait for a long, please bring your vehicle to our workshop for inspection immediately.

    Brake pads and brake shoes are responsible to create friction with the wheels when the vehicle needs to be stop or reduce the speed. Generally, pads and shoes are required replacing after every 20,000 – 40,000 kilometre in Bangladesh. Such replacement is mandatory for ensuring the road safety and preventing brake problems.

    However, flushing of brake fluids is also necessary once in a year with is essential to the proper functioning of the braking system. This fluid is the medium through which pressure from the brake pedal is multiplied and transmitted to the brake disk or drum.

    If the brake pedal sinks to the floor every time and returns to the normal elevation, you may need the replacement of the brake master cylinder soon. Problems with the master cylinder are often grave and can lead to total brake failure.

    However, depending on various damage conditions, you may need some potential replacement of the brake rotor, caliper, caliper lock-up, brake line, etc.


    Services Engine Capacity (CC)
    <1500 <2500 <4500
    Brake Shoes Replace (Rear) 400/- 500/- 800/-
    Brake Pads Replace (Front) 400/- 500/- 800/-
    Brake System Service 600/- 800/- 1,000/-
    Master Cylinder Replace 800/- 1,000/- 1,200/-
    Master Cylinder Overhauling 800/- 1,000/- 1,200/-
    Wheel Cylinder Replace (Front/Each) 400/- 500/- 600/-
    Wheel Cylinder Replace (Rear/Each) 400/- 500/- 600/-
    Brake Drum New Slip Making Lathe Work 1,200/- 1,500/- 2,000/-
    Brake Calliper Repair from Lathe 1,200/- 1,200/- 1,500/-
    Front Wheel Cylinder Overhauling (Each) 800/- 1,000/- 1,200/-
    Brake Hose/Flexible Pipe Replace 300/- 400/- 500/-
    Brake System Bleeding 500/- 600/- 700/-
    Brake Booster Replace 1,000/- 1,200/- 1,500/-
    Brake Booster Check Valve Replace 200/- 400/- 500/-
    Parking Brake Service 500/- 800/- 1,000/-
    Parking Brake Cable Replace 500/- 650/- 800/-
    Brake Disk/Drum Reface by Lathe (Each) 200/- 250/- 300/-
    Brake Fluid Replace 300/- 500/- 600/-