Cooling System


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    Cooling System

    If you neglect your vehicle’s cooling system, it could result in overheating. In hot weather country like Bangladesh, overheating is the major cause of engine trouble. All vehicles require regular maintenance of the cooling system to ensure that it is able to properly regulate the temperature of the engine.

    The cooling system of a vehicle consists of a number of parts like radiator, water pump, cooling fan, thermostat and hoses etc. A specific mixture of coolant and water flows constantly within this system. It helps to reduce the temperature inside the engine.

    We can advise you to change the coolant/water mixture once or twice in a year to keep your cooling system functional. If your vehicle has a high mileage, the thermostat should be replaced, if becomes bad.


    Services Engine Capacity (CC)
    <1500 <2500 <4500
    Radiator Replace          500/-          800/-       1,000/-
    Radiator Wash/Flush 1,000/- 1,200/- 1,500/-
    Water Pump Replace       500/-       800/-       1,000/-
    Hose Pipe Replace (Each)       200/-       300/-       400/-
    Thermostat Switch Replace       400/-       500/-       500/-
    Thermostat Valve Replace 300/- 500/- 700/-
    Cooling Fan Replace 500/- 700/- 800/-
    Fan Belt Replace (Each) 200/- 300/- 400/-
    Temperature Switch Replace 200/- 450/- 600/-
    Coolant Change/ Adjust 200/- 300/- 400/-