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    Fuel & Oil System

    Your vehicle has an internal combustion engine which sucks fuel from storage tank in order to create controlled explosions that move the pistons. If the engine cannot get enough fuel, the vehicle would not run.

    The fuel system is consisting of the fuel tank, fuel pump, fuel filter, filler hose, fuel injection system and a series of fuel lines. The filler hose, tank and lines generally do not fail, unless subjected to harsh rust. It results poor start, rough run, stalls out of your vehicle etc.

    That is why, CarKarigor can advise you to replace the fuel filter in every 10,000 kilometres. This filter is designed to filter any contaminants from the fuel to ensure that the engine is not subjected to harsh debris or unwanted moisture.

    In modern vehicles, there is an electric fuel pump inside the fuel tank. If you experience poor acceleration or clicking noise on occasion from rear of the vehicle, it might be a symptom from bad fuel filter. It is relatively difficult to replace but it must be necessary if it becomes bad.

    Another important part of fuel system is fuel injector. It is tasked with spraying fuel into the combustion chamber. After several years and mileage, it may need to be cleaned. However individual injectors can begin to leakage problem and result in an excessive waste of fuel. In that case, CarKarigor can advise to replace the injectors.


    Services Engine Capacity (CC)
    <1500 <2500 <4500
    Carburettor Overhauling 1,000/- 1,000/- 1,200/-
    Fuel Pump Replace (EFI) 500/- 1,000/- 1,200/-
    Fuel Pump Replace, Tank Open, Wash 1,500/- 1,800/- 2,000/-
    Fuel Filter Replace (VVT-i) 500/- 800/- 1,000/-
    Fuel Filter Replace (EFI) 500/- 600/- 700/-
    Fit Pump Open/Fitting 500/- 700/- 900/-
    Injector Ultrasonic Cleaning & Service 1,000/- 1,000/- 1,500/-
    Injector Replace/Open/Fitting (Each) 300/- 400/- 500/-
    Fuel Gauge Service 500/- 750/- 1,000/-
    Fuel System Service 1,500/- 1,800/- 2,500/-
    Injector Test & Service by Machine 1,000/- 1,000/- 1,200/-
    Throttle Body Clean 300/- 500/- 700/-
    Throttle Body Service 500/- 750/- 1,000/-
    Oil Sump Service/Replace 500/- 800/- 1,000/-
    Oil Pump Replace 1,500/- 1,500/- 2,000/-
    Oil Pressure Switch Replace 500/- 600/- 700/-