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    Scan & Diagnostic

    Whenever our customers bring their car to CarKarigor (Formerly Five Star Vehicle Solutions), our technicians take multiple steps to diagnose the problems and identify the need of repairs and replacements to be recommended.

    Both visual and physical inspections are important. Firstly, we inspect the area of concern to find out if any parts are damaged, if fluid leaks are occurring or if components are getting worn out. Finally, we run the diagnostic tests by OBD Scanners to detect the issues that caused the check engine light or any other problems, as well.

    This sophisticated diagnostics tools can tap directly into vehicle’s computer. It can generate the unique Fault Code (Error Code/Trouble Code) to point the causes behind the trouble.

    Once the problems are detected, we can recommend what repairs or parts replacement are needed.


    Services Engine Capacity (CC)
    <1500 <2500 <4500
    Visual Inspection 150/- 200/- 300/-
    Test Drive 200/- 250/- 300/-
    Recon/Used Car Diagnostic 1,500/- 2,500/- 3,500/-